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Specialised recruitment for functional expertise

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We understand the difference the right people can make to your business.

Since 2011, Blackbook has been helping companies recruit the best talent for business.

We provide tailored recruitment services for key business functions – helping employers make the best connections with the right talent.

Specialist recruiters to find the expertise you need

Dedicated to recruitment in specialist business functions, we aim to provide an informed, targeted experience to recruit the right talent for your business.

Our recruiters have in depth knowledge and experience of the people, professional skills and hiring conditions of the job markets they work in – ensuring the best people and results for your business.

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Specialised recruitment services

Find out more about the specialist areas we recruit – see the industries, jobs and sectors, and meet our dedicated team of recruiters in each area.

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Partnering with Blackbook for recruitment

Professional solutions

As partners to organisations across Australia, we pride ourselves on delivering a rewarding recruitment experience that works.

Driven by the satisfaction of getting it right – we know recruitment requires more than a match of skills.

We take a holistic view that considers all the aspects for success – in each opportunity and organisation.

Employing specialist knowledge and recruiting nous, we pride ourselves on providing people with the right competencies, qualities, and values for business.

We recognise the intricacies of recruiting professionals with distinct capability, experience levels, and skillsets.

That’s why our recruitment services centre on distinct areas of professional expertise and career experience.

Customised for optimal outcomes -Blackbook tailors each process for the best results, targeting engagement at every stage, and supporting stakeholders to make informed decisions.

We embed ourselves in the worlds of our customers – to stay connected and keep our finger on the pulse.

Immersed in specialist spaces, we work with active job seekers and passive prospects – gaining valuable feedback and insight of the candidate market and dynamics at play.

With the right data, tools and techniques, Blackbook provides targeted insight – to inform decisions and achieve optimal outcomes.

As specialists, we understand the distinct business needs of our customers.

With established candidate networks across key fields, our specialist recruitment offers access to talent when and where you need it most.

We build relationships on mutual trust and respect to establish professional connections and serve as trusted career-advisers.

Working with livelihoods – we take our role as recruiters seriously. We prioritise people and pursue equitable outcomes that provide value.

Managing the human dimension in tandem with business priorities – we recruit with care, diligence, and transparency. We listen, thoughtfully engage, and act with purpose.

Backed by online search and digital sourcing capability and an extensive contact database, Blackbook is well-positioned to secure essential expertise.

The success of our approach is evidenced by an impressive track record in the sectors we recruit.

Customised service

We work with employers to understand requirements from every aspect – ensuring responsive solutions that add value and deliver the right outcomes.

Our recruiters focus on key functional expertise and levels of career experience – insight and experience to navigate job markets and access to diverse networks of skilled professionals.

We partner with organisations across industries – experienced in catering to distinct professional needs and role requirements.

Services to suit different employment needs and tenure type, including permanent, short-term and temporary contracts.

Recruitment solutions that offer a cost-effective, fast and flexible way to meet immediate, interim and longer-term requirements.

Blackbook Contracting Solutions can take the stress out of sourcing the skills required for short-term and temporary employment solutions.

You need confidence in the people and process invested in your organisation’s future.

We approach recruitment with a long-term view – to find employees best suited to the role and with aligned values to improve the likelihood of a rewarding career together.

From initial requirements, to screening, assessment, and selection – a professional, thorough process supports lasting outcomes.

Unearthing future leaders demands in-depth experience, established relationships, and executive networking nous.

Dedicated to senior leadership and executives – our highly-experienced Executive Recruitment Team employ knowledge, networks and processes to leave no stone unturned in securing the right leadership for business.

Building long-term relationships with high-calibre individuals over the course of careers, we use intimate knowledge of career trajectories to facilitate strategic moves.

Assembling a pitch for an RPO or filling a bulk recruitment project – draw on our experience bringing the right team together.

Market mapping provides an informed view and interview support for staff helps stakeholders meet prospects face-to-face.