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Looking for a more flexible way to meet demand?

Contract & temp recruitment services

We’re a specialist recruitment agency driven to help you hire the right people, at the right time.

As part of our recruiting repertoire, we provide flexible hiring solutions to help you add extra capability when and where you need.

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Fast, flexible solutions

Blackbook Contracting Solutions connects companies with professionals on an interim, short-term or temporary basis.

Contracting solutions provide an ideal way to manage immediate and short-range business needs such as periods of change and growth, new projects, personnel changes, and gaps in capability or skills.

Hassle-free hiring

Contracting and temporary recruitment provides employers a simple and cost-effective way to hire resources on fixed-term or hourly-rate contracts.

We manage the entire recruitment process and take care of the usual employer obligations including administrative and payroll aspects of hiring new staff.

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Blackbook Contracting Solutions

Hiring contract and temporary resources

Contracting services provide a simple, cost-effective way to access quality talent on a short-term or temporary basis.

For faster access to temporary talent, we handle the end-to-end hiring process. From sourcing candidates, right through to the usual employer obligations associated with hiring new staff, such as payroll and probity.

Blackbook Contracting Solutions acts as an intermediary employer – managing the contract agreement, employee checks, insurances, superannuation, timesheets, wages, and workplace induction.

Simply pay one invoice each fortnight for the agreed hours and terms.

With no upfront fees and the administrative and payroll aspects managed for you, business disruptions are minimised to let you get back to what you do best.

In the same way we recruit permanent employees, we apply the same level of care and collaborate from the start to understand your needs and objectives.

Our consultants draw on existing networks and leverage extensive industry experience to match businesses with people who can help you achieve your goals.

Our team can talk you through options for hourly rate and fixed-term contracts and walk you through the process, from contract length to onboarding new hires.

Candidates often prefer the flexibility of contract and temporary assignments – whether it’s applying skills in a new category or related industry, or balancing work-life aspects – producing pathways to well-credentialed professionals in search of their next assignment.

Contract-to-Permanent options let you confirm your needs in action, with the added agility to convert short-term hires into longer-term contracts or permanent employees.

Short-term solutions to suit your needs

Larger organisations often include contracting as part of their hiring and talent management strategies, however companies of all sizes can benefit from the ability to access to skilled contractors on a short-term or temporary basis.

Contract and temporary workers are an ideal way to

  • bring in specialist capability, technical skills & qualifications to teams

  • resource capital & operational projects

  • manage changes in demand, periods of growth, or seasonal fluctuations, bolster output, operations, productivity

  • recruit interim leadership roles

  • contend with competitive job markets & talent shortages and relieve pressure during the search for permanent employees

  • reduce budgetary impact, risk, overhead of adding head count/hiring new positions
  • manage personnel changes, holidays & extended leave

  • cover maternity, paternity and parental leave

  • backfill roles and cover workforce gaps due to restructure, secondments or unexpected employee moves

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