As specialist recruiters, we’re proud to be broadly connected and widely respected.

Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about making the right connections for organisations and individuals.

By specialising in key areas of expertise, we centre our attention on the people and businesses we work with – focus that helps candidates and companies create mutually beneficial outcomes.

We care about providing an exceptional recruitment experience – with the advantage of rich market insight, extensive networks and relationships to create the best recruitment results.

Blackbook Executive Recruitment Team

Director Matt Simpson
Matt Simpson

Director – Executive Recruitment

Director Clinton-Holmes
Clinton Holmes

Director – Executive Recruitment

Recruitment Director Ricky
Ricky Phare

Director – Executive Recruitment

Heidi Kreuzer

Office Manager

Recruitment consultant Charlie Moore
Charlie Moore

Senior Consultant – Sales Recruitment

Recruitment consultant Maurice Tranchina
Maurice Tranchina

Manager – Engineering & Operations Recruitment

Recruitment consultant Stephanie Wood - Marketing
Stephanie Wood

Senior Consultant – Marketing Recruitment

Recruitment consultant Martyn Horridge
Martyn Horridge

Manager – Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Recruitment

Recruitment consultant K-Lyb Reyes
K-Lyb Reyes

Consultant – Supply Chain & Logistics Recruitment

Recruitment consultant Emily Boulton
Emily Boulton

Consultant – Engineering & Operations Recruitment

Recruitment consultant Jack Warren
Jack Warren

Consultant – Technical Engineering Recruitment

Recruitment consultant Josh Kehoe
Joshua Kehoe

Consultant – Sales Recruitment

Recruitment consultant Matthew Franke-engineering-operations
Matthew Franke

Consultant – Engineering & Operations Recruitment

Luke Del Vecchio
Luke Del Vecchio

Consultant – Engineering & Operations Recruitment

Maya White profile image
Maya White

Office Administrator

Elisha Hunter

Consultant – Procurement Recruitment

Katie Shutt

Consultant – Quality & Safety Recruitment

Joe Keogh

Senior Consultant – Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Recruitment

Paddy Hegarty

Consultant – Technical Engineering Recruitment

Vicki Iliopoulos

Senior Consultant – Sales Recruitment