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Who is Blackbook?

We’re an independent recruitment consultancy, focused on recruiting essential expertise in key functions.

Blackbook is an Australian owned and operated business – serving as an instrumental resource for employers and professionals across Australia.

What we do

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Working with livelihoods, we understand the importance of getting it right.

To best match professionals and organisations with opportunities of mutual value – we fine tune recruitment for specialist functions.

Since 2011, we’ve successfully connected thousands of opportunities for employers and professionals across Australia.

Jobs we recruit

We provide specialised recruitment services for different types and tenures of employment:

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Specialist services

Working across a range of industries, we focus on functional expertise – recruiting opportunities in engineering, operations, procurement, marketing, sales, safety, science, supply chain, technical, and technology.

Blackbook is knowledge-centred: consulting teams are organised around key functions to provide in-depth understanding of key professional segments.

With designated consultants for distinct levels of career experience and role types, our specialists can better navigate job market dynamics and recruitment.

We recognise the fundamental differences involved in recruiting different professions and provide responsive recruitment for different areas of expertise.

How we approach recruitment

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Engaged and invested

We take a human-centred approach: delivered collaboratively and with humility, to create a rewarding recruitment experience.

Helpful and resourceful

We’re problem solvers. With meticulous attention to detail, we work to navigate nuances, resolve complexities, and forge new pathways.

Mindful of the big picture

More the immediate job at hand, we foster lasting connections and build relationships to harness potential – now and in the future.

Informed and insightful

We leverage data, evidence, research and technology for methodical recruitment, systematic search, and reliable results.

Mutual trust and respect

We do the right thing by people to cultivate reciprocity and respect. We listen, ask the right questions, and facilitate feedback.

Company Information

Our Purpose

To provide enterprising recruitment solutions that enrich lives and livelihoods.

We connect companies and professionals with mutually valued opportunities – enabling beneficial partnerships to realise collective potential.

Encompassing divergent perspectives, we’re committed to each individual and organisation – to uncover holistic alignment and unite shared purpose.

As career facilitators, our correlated networks and knowledge give our clients and candidates a competitive edge.

Our Mission

Every day, we endeavour to be the go-to recruiters for our fields of focus – exceptional service and rewarding experiences for employers and professionals.

Creating shared trust and engendering mutual respect – we practise with integrity to enrich outcomes and exceed expectations.

Responsive, reliable recruitment – currency through specialist savvy. Facilitators with functional fluency, insight and perspective – experience, knowledge, networking nous and proficiency to advance business and careers.

What we value

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Working with people and lives, we understand the difference diversity makes and the impact of equitable recruitment.

Core to recruitment – appreciating diversity, fostering inclusion, and promoting equity are fundamental values for Blackbook that permeate our people and processes.

We know diverse teams are more innovative, creative, and effective, so we cultivate inclusivity – for all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or any other characteristic, to feel valued, respected, and empowered.

Intentional not to ‘judge a book by its cover’ – we apply open-mindedness to acknowledge more than first impressions and ‘good on paper’ and gain an unbiased understanding the story.

Continuously learning, challenging bias, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion underpin our recruitment approach.

Ethics, Social Responsibility & Values

Dedicated to equal opportunities, equitable representation and advancement, Blackbook embodies an ethical approach to recruitment and active role in the wider community.

We understand our privileged position, and the precariousness life can bring. Interacting daily with the diverse human-sense, we understand the bigger picture and appreciate the difference care and consideration makes.

Our values encompass more than our everyday recruitment focus – as a citizen of the broader community and team of good human beings. Blackbook supports its people to be well-rounded individuals and give back to the community, including charitable company initiatives and volunteering leave.

Our foundational philosophies and shared values help bond our team and guide our role in recruitment and in life.

Our Story

Founding Directors Matt Simpson and Clinton Holmes joined forces in 2011, with an idea for a new recruitment venture – conceiving Blackbook Executive as a way to provide more meaningful recruitment solutions.

Tapping into common perspective and insight, the pair set out to turn the page on transactional style recruitment. The proposition was simple: combine truly targeted knowledge with specialist networking nous, for a more exclusive recruitment experience – valued by businesses and professionals.

Establishing a role as specialists, Blackbook built its reputation recruiting key functional roles. Taking the processes and proficiencies of larger agencies, with the advantage of flexibility and focus, Blackbook embraced its niche position and forged a way forward.


Today, Blackbook comprises a team of talented individuals who share and sustain the vision – serving a growing client base and talent pool.

Along the way, we are pleased to be acknowledged with a few accolades:

  • LinkedIn’s Most Socially Engaged Boutique Staffing Agency APAC 2017 & 2018
  • Recruitment International “Rising Star” 2016
  • LinkedIn’s Most Socially Engaged Boutique Staffing Agency ANZ 2016
  • BRW’s “Fast Starters” Number. 77, 2015
  • BRW’s “Fast Starters” Number. 90, 2014


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