Blackbook Contracting onboarding process

Blackbook Contracting onboarding process

August 12, 2020

Our onboarding process makes it easier for contractors and employers.

Sourcing Contract Opportunities

The bulk of contract opportunities are not widely advertised. Employers often go directly to agencies for efficiency on short term assignments. Working with a specialist in the contractors area opens up a section of the job market that is not advertised on job boards.

Rate Negotiation

Most people have in mind what their annual salary expectations are but converting this to an hourly or daily rate can be daunting. With regular market salary assessments partnering with an agency can ensure that rates are in line with the market rate for both contractor and employer.

Contract Management

We execute the contract for all of our contractors. Talking through any questions and clarifications. Making sure all parties are happy with the contract before signing off.

Health and Safety Assessments

We carry out a health and safety assessments before each assignment. Giving candidates assurance that they are heading into a safe work space and giving employers the efficiency of having compliance managed.

Payroll and Timesheet Management

All our payroll is managed through Astute, a streamlined online timesheet submission service. Regular e-mail reminders and one click approval ensure that payroll is handled efficiently. Giving contractors peace of mind that pay is handled without follow up.

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